Essential Touch®

Being able to relax and discover something deeper and sincerely beautiful in ourselves is deeply touching and liberating. The more we discover that we are not our stories and beliefs, the more we open ourselves to the light of consciousness and meet our soul's inherent qualities.

I work in a holistic manner, in which body, mind and spirituality are connected and where the balancing of the nervous system is a natural focus. A nervous system in balance is so crucial to our ability to be able to rest in ourselves, in our deeper state of being.

The essence is the real, the original in us, which is not contingent or produced by something external, but always present as a living and observant presence.


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The Consciousness of now

When we invite a deeper aspect of our being into the coaching or therapeutic dialogue, it is my experience that it is deeply transforming. In this state of being-space, it is possible to rest and anchor ourselves in the Now's consciousness. People experience that they become more present, serene and resourceful.

We can work with the mind or the ego's tight constraints and ideas endlessly. If we cannot meet ourselves with acceptance and presence, it will not change anything fundamental in our self-image. We will again and again fall back into the same inappropriate patterns and beliefs.

When we rest in our state of being, the nervous system relaxes. Through this we are allowed to discover how we can gradually rest into something stable and observant.

To experience the mind's many modes from a much wider perspective and with a much greater awareness, will affect one's sense of self, relationships, standpoint and quality of life.


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My inspiration

The divine and spiritual dimensions in all self-development has always been important for me, both personally and professionally.

The psycho-spiritual work by A. H. Almaas and other spiritual teachers have opened and inspired me. They have shown me the way to the abundance and the unlimited potential that each of us has access to that can alleviate many of the daily challenges we encounter in our life, at work and in the world.

I think it is this unique combination of psychotherapy and spirituality that makes so many feel safe and respected and therefore achieves positive change in a short time.

It can lead to that you let go of your limitations, experience a deep inner peace and serenity, or a joy or deep gratitude to discover your own state of being, which contains so much more than what you are used to identify with.

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